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MOL: Pro Batch XML API

The MOL Pro Batch XML API is a REST interface that supports the products available through the MOL: Pro Web interface. This interface is for pre-paid or invoiced accounts only.

The list of the available products can be found here:

With the batch method you provide an XML file and a PDF file containing the documents to mail. The XML file identifies the document file, the position of the document within the PDF, and the print production options desired for the mailing. The PDF file can contain as many documents as you wish to mail.

We will process the mailing in batch mode as quickly as possible in the order they are recieved. We process multiple batches simultaniously to increase the speed in which batches are processed. The individual documents in the batches create a seperate job per document so large batches containing several thousand documents will take longer to process.

You may also use REST API methods to perform operations that are not available in the Batch XML API. You will be restricted to performing operations at a job level, not a batch level when using the regular REST API. For example, there is batch method to collect all the tracking data for all jobs in a batch, but if you want to get Certified or Priority receipt data, you must use the regular REST API to retrieve it one job at a time.

Integrating to Click2Mail is easy and can be accomplished in three simple steps:

  1. Obtain access to our development system
  2. Configure your mailings and test on our pre-production system
  3. Configure your production environment and start mailing.

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