Where is your API Key found?

I cannot find my API Key!

Where is your API Key found?

I cannot find my API Key!

Suggestions for One Off Fulfillment

I was wondering if anyone who was familiar with the API might give some suggestions on how to implement this use case in the API. We want to do one-off fulfillment of documents that consist usually of four pages (printed double sided). These letters each have a different return address, as well as a different to: address. How best might one use the Click2Mail API to accomplish this. Thank you!

Multiple delivery location

Can one user get their postcard to deliver to different locations ?

Getting Started

Hi, Sorry if it's someplace obvious, but I'm not currently finding it. I was hoping it'd be in the Guides or Recipes section, but perhaps I can add that after I figure it out. I'm simply trying to get started. My question is: when I update a pre-written PDF, how do I specify which text is variable data? I'd think perhaps surrounding a keyword with square brackets or something like that. Then I'd presume I'd send a key-value pair json data packet that would map to that keyword in my PDF? Am I anywhere near the mark on this? Is there a link to any docs that would show me how to quickly get started with uploading a PDF and then writing my API calls to send off my letter(s)? Thank you. I'm excited about the potential. Tom

PDF header signature not found

we are getting PDF header signature not found. error everytime when i use the dummy pdf file url

cause of Gateway timeouts?

Many of the jobs I post to the staging C2M API result in HTTP status code 504: Gateway Time-out after a successful POST of the BatchId

Is there any restriction of the type of PDF files.

Getting this error on Sandbox. PDF header signature not found All pdf files I have tried are good and valid pdf format. I would like to know what the issue is?

Are PDF documents with class 8.5x11(landscape) allowed?

Hi, We have click2mail subscription for sending mails through api, we are facing one issue where any pdf document with 8.5x11(landscape) is not allowed, we are getting below error from the api "Document Dimensions outside of range.\n Please upload valid document of dimension 8.5x11" Is it a bug from click2mail side or landscape documents are not allowed? But I don't see any documentation where it says landscape documents are not allowed.