Get up and running fast with Click2Mail's easy-to-use API

πŸ“ͺ Welcome to Click2Mail Integration

Click2Mail Integrations allow users to write their own software to interface with Click2Mail's robust capabilities. This is particularly handy for automating your direct mailing workflow or adding direct mail functionality to an existing website or application. Our Integrations can help you reduce your operations cost by not just offloading the expensive and time consuming task of printing, folding and mailing your direct marketing or transactional mailings, but by fully automating the process of doing so. You can create a single postcard, a million-piece national mailing, or anything in between, repeatably and automatically.

Our most powerful integration tool is our REST API. Using HTTP / Web calls, you can write code to directly control the same Click2Mail features available through the website, integrating them into your own system to fully automate mail workflow.

We have two different environments for you to use when working with our REST API

Production API

With our production API, you can fully integrate your environment with Click2Mail to automatically generate deliverable products, manage your account and addresses, add to or check your credit, and do everything else Click2Mail can do. This is where you go to do the real work.

Staging / Test API

To help you get familiar with how our API works and how to integrate with it, we also provide a sandbox environment for you. You can work with this API while you're getting familiar the system, or to try out new code before using it against the production environment. We even provide a testing credit card number for you to use!

If you're new to APIs, you might want to check out our API 101 guide.

Let's get started!