Installing Postman

A great way to understand how to make API calls is to use the Postman application with our predefined collection of examples. Postman is a commonly used tool in developing APIs. It allows for easily manipulating environments and parameters, and so makes testing API calls a breeze. Postman has both a web app and a desktop app. We're going to use the desktop app.

The first step to using Postman is to set up a free Postman account. Go to the Postman Sign Up Page to create your account:


On your initial login, you will get some initial account setup prompts. When prompted for what you'd like to do, tell Postman you already know how to use Postman, and then click the Home link in the upper left. Once on the Home page, find the Download Desktop App link in the lower left and download the app.


Install and run the application and sign in with your user account. Once you're on the home screen of the application, click on My Workspace to open the workspace editor.


Congratulations! You've installed Postman and are now ready to download and import the Click2Mail collection with example endpoint calls.