printOptions Object

The printOptions object contains the properties which define how the job will be printed. It has no methods; properties are set and accessed directly.

Note that directly setting the print options via the API is being deprecated in favor of creating a template via the web interface and referencing that. This is due to the wide variety of invalid print option combinations that are possible.

Object Properties

documentClassstringThe size and type of the printed document. E.g., Letter 8.5 x 11
productionTimestringWhen the document should be processed . E.g., Next Day
layoutstringType of layout. E.g., Double Sided Postcard
colorstringColor options. E.g., Full Color
paperTypestringType of paper on which to print the job. E.g., White Matte with Gloss UV Finish
printOptionstringPrinting option. E.g., Printing both sides
mailClassstringMail class job should be sent as. E.g., First Class
envelopestringType of envelope to use