Your First Mail Job

Now that you understand the basics of the Click2Mail REST API, it's time to set up your first job with an actual document. Click2Mail's REST API provides plenty of advanced features for managing your mailing jobs, but there are five tasks that form the foundation of mailing basics:

  1. Add credit (/credit/purchase)
  2. Upload a document (/documents)
  3. Upload an address list (/addressLists)
  4. Create a job (/jobs)
  5. Submit a job (/jobs/submit)

The next topics will walk you through each of these. When you're done, you'll be ready to get the mail out!

The following tutorial will allow you to use your account on Staging to learn the basics of using the API to automate mailing jobs. The code examples are in Python for ease of demonstration. Necessary parameter values are provided in the examples, but for more complex jobs you will want to use the web interface to get the possible values for any given product type.